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IRS Reporting Requirement Pulled!

It appears that the provision that would require banks to report transactions to the IRS has been removed from the most recent budget draft!

Legislative and Political Update

There is so much going on in the banking world right now, it seems right to release a “pressing issues” report for the membership, so that you can be sure that you haven’t missed anything in the chaos. Not much of the information in this report is new, BUT it feels as if Washington is “chumming” the banking waters with so much stuff that some of it is bound to stick regardless of how crazy it may sound. The information in this update is how it appears TODAY…it can change!

Internal Audit - Louisville - January 26 - Indiana Wesleyan

With constant changes occurring within the areas of legislative reform, regulatory expectations, accounting guidance, economic impact, technology applications and cybersecurity risks, there is now a constant demand on banks to improve their risk management and internal audit programs.

Basic Personal & Business Tax Return Analyis Seminar - March 24 - Indiana Wesleyan

Bank personnel are required to obtain and properly interpret tax returns for consumer, mortgage, and commercial lending purposes. The first part of this seminar will concentrate on personal tax return analysis while the second part will focus on the analysis of various business tax returns.

Consumer & Commercial Loan Documentation Seminar - March 30 - 31 - Indiana Wesleyan

The purpose of this two-day program is to provide bankers with a thorough understanding of both consumer and commercial loans. The entire loan documentation process will be discussed from initial application and underwriting to loan closing and through repayment. The program will also identify regulatory compliance issues that impact both consumer and small business loans.

Flood Compliance Seminar - Louisville - February 2 - Indiana Wesleyan

This seminar is a complete overview of the flood compliance fundamentals. Whether you’re new to lending and the world of flood or need a comprehensive knowledge base, this is the place to start. This seminar will provide a review of flood insurance regulations, common questions and concerns surrounding topics such as escrow servicing and force-placed insurance, and the most up to date issues and guidance.
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