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Legislative Update

When our General Assembly is in Session, it’s hard to know what today will bring in the COVID era. But one thing is certain about yesterday. Kentucky bankers proved that our vigilance and our voice is in perfect health.


House Bill 175 came out of committee yesterday and is heading to the House Floor. This is a bill that we MUST STOP. We need you to contact each member of the House and express your OPPOSITION to the bill.

House Bill 175-URGENT

We need your help with key leaders in the House.

Consumer Lending School - 4 Day Program - May 10-13 - Indiana Wesleyan

This school introduces the consumer lending process from the initial application to closing and documentation.

Training Loan Assistants & Loan Processors Seminar - Louisville - March 16 - Indiana Wesleyan

This seminar covers the basics of commercial lending and is a must for all new commercial lenders and/or those individuals who want to explore this vital discipline!

Training the Credit Analyst Seminar - Louisville - March 17-18 - Indiana Wesleyan

This two-day program is designed especially for credit analysts tasked with the responsibility of underwriting the underlying credit strengths and weaknesses of business purpose loans.
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